Synopsis (4M 3W)

The play opens on a gorgeous, Art Deco apartment in New York, with milling silhouetted figures. The sounds of 1920's jazz—Irving Berlin, Billy Rose, Lercy Tibbs—and the swelling voices of cocktail party banter fill the stage, until they are abruptly cut short by a scream as someone falls off a balcony into the night. 

Heterotopia is the story of three friends several years removed from their idyllic collegiate youth preoccupied with the uncertainty of their immediate future. The only certainty they can rely upon is the 1920's cocktail party they are planning, conceived either as a celebration or as a final send-off.

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Production History

Heterotopia has had public readings at the Lark Theatre Company, Playwright's Week (New York, NY), Cherry Lane Alternative (New York, NY), and Victory Gardens Theatre (Chicago, IL). In addition, the play was a Semifinalist for the O'Neill Playwrights' Conference (Waterford, CT), a Semifinalist for the L. Arnold Weissberger Competition, at New Dramatists (New York, NY), and a Finalist for the Work Festival at the Mark Taper Forum.                       


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