A young veteran, Private Frank Hasek, struggles to keep his job as a mechanic in order to support the mother of his newborn son. However, unsettling visions and a series of unfortunate events, threaten to upend his career and derail his relationship to Marisa. Although he seeks help from an overworked VA psychiatrist, his behavior becomes increasingly erratic, particularly when he discovers that Marisa is having an affair with his Staff Sergeant. 

Production History

Reservoir premiered at The Drilling Company (NY) where Daniel M. Gold of The New York Times called it "a timely, urgent reimagining" of Woyzeck. The play was subsequently produced in Berlin at Theatre89 (in translation as Hasek's Heimkehr) and at Raconteur Theatre (OH). In addition, an excerpt of the play was published in The Best Men’s Stage Monologues And Scenes 2011. Smith & Kraus, Inc. (edited by Lawrence Harbison). Reservoir was developed in part through readings at The New Group (NY) (dir. Tyler Marchant), The Astoria Performing Arts Center (dir. Tom Wojtunik), and Smith College's New Play Reading Series (MA) (dir. Daniel Kramer), and Canal Café Theatre (London) (dir. Lydia Parker).

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