Links to short fiction I've published, all in one place:

“Hands On.” The Laurel Review.

"Lena Dunham is Everywhere." The Massachusetts Review.

"Not All There." The Massachusetts Review.

"An Open Letter To the Old Me." The Reject Pile.

"James Joyce Drops Four Quarters at the Retro Arcade." The Higgs Weldon.



Links to articles I've published, all in one place:

“Theatre of the Berkshires and Pioneer Valley,” The Dramatist (2019)

"Looking for New England at the Edinburgh Fringe," Take Magazine (2015)

"The Plot Genre Revolution: Or Why The Western Isn't a Genre," Bright Lights Film Journal (2015)

"Poetry of the Margins: Ben Katchor, Mark Mulcahy, and The Rosenbach Company," Pakn Treger (2006)

"DG Statement: Festival Guidelines," The Dramatist. I worked on this document in committee with several other playwrights and Dramatists Guild staff. (2017)

Present Imperfect (A Novel)

Look for my debut novel coming soon to bookstores near you! Which is to say, I still need an agent for it. And a publisher. If you are interested in representing the manuscript and are one of the above, thanks for browsing my website. Oh, and please contact me. Thanks!

Sample Chapter